Happy Friday! Here’s five six for Friday.

  1. It’s raining. I love it when it rains. Except when I plan on taking Riley to the park. Bummer.
  2. Movie Night is tonight at church. We’re watching Iron Man (if Devin shows up). It starts at 6 if anyone wants to come (like Jamison). I bought popcorn.
  3. Josh dominated second base again last night. Then we moved him to first base and put Jeremy (the shy kid) on second. Jeremy made two outs in a row! These t-ball kids are really coming around.
  4. I’m planning a giveaway on this site as soon as my student loan is paid off. More to come.
  5. My goal of reading 12 books this yearis right in line. I may actually finish slightly over my goal. My list is there on the left if anyone is interested. My plan is to do a review on the books. That’s the plan, anyway.
  6. I get to preach a 2-part series at churchover Thanksgiving. We’re trying to get some pyro and make it rain, but I don’t know how Timm and the Fire Marshal will feel about that. I’m excited about the series!

That’s it for me this Friday. I was afraid I jumped the shark on Tuesday, but I was wrong. Enjoy your Friday.