It’s Monday, which means my Sunday Rewind is 10 hours late.

Timm started a new series at RPC– Uncensored, where he will be tackling some topics heavy on his heart. He spoke with tons of passion, and you could feel it.

Gabe led worship and really did a great job. It was a different kind of a set list, and a different feel. Especially with Rebecca backing Gabe up. They opened with Weezer’s Beverly Hills, which tied into the message.

The big idea – Timm is not a rockstar. (some of us knew this)

Some memorable phrases from yesterday:

  • The church has lots of rockstars.
  • Paul was a rockstar.
  • We should market Bill Gaither’s pocket lint. – I seriously almost spit coffee on KFJ when he said this.
  • It’s possible to promote Jesus AND yourself. But it’s not cool.
  • We are bankrupt without Christ.
  • I don’t want to see how far Timm Can Take us. I want to see how far God can take us.
  • We can’t see Jesus for all the crap we put in front of him.
  • We can change a life for a little while. God can change a life FOREVER.
  • Spurgeon was a rockstar.
  • If you’re not impressed with Jesus, then you don’t know him.

There was an impromptu altar call, and a handful of people made commitments to Christianity. Bobby baptised in the second service, which is always a win. Aside from the smoking light in the first service, it was a great day.

After service, I got to co-host NEXT with Travis, Emily and Bobby. I love NEXT, and we got to meet 6 great people.

That’s it for me. Have a good week.