Most of you know by now that Ginny is pregnant with our third child. (If you didn’t know, I’m sure I will hear about it soon that you had to read it on my blog. Get over it.) Anyway, this decision was not one we entered into lightly. We are in our early 30’s, and we needed to come to a consensus soon. (Did I mention that Ginny had the stipulation that she would not be pregnant in the summer?)

Honestly, Ginny wanted a third child but I was on the fence. I think 2.5 kids is a good number, but half a kid is just weird. I mulled over it. I prayed about it. It consumed me for weeks. Then one day it hit me. You could say God gave me a sign. Nonetheless, as soon as I saw it I was sold. It stopped me in my tracks.

This is the picture that convinced me that we should have a third child:

I saw it. I cried. I knew.