Happy Super Tuesday. Today’s Positive Post Tuesday is dedicated to none other than CHOICE.

Droves of Americans will head to the polls to cast their all-important, fought-for, died-for vote. Millions of people will make a choice today that will affect the direction of the world.

What a great country we live in where we have a choice! The choice of representation. The choice of careers. The choice of spouses. The choice of housing. The choice of debt. The choice of religion. The choice to love and hate. The choice to forgive and forget. The choice to be a parent. The choice to choose.

Unfortunately, when we choose not to make a choice, we allow others to decide for us.

What may be worse than that is the uneducated choice. When an uneducated choice is made, someone wins, but it is rarely the one making the choice. Who usually wins is the media, or the special interest group, or hatred.

Choose. And choose wisely. Every choice is an important choice, not just on Election Day.

Happy Tuesday! Make a wise choice today and every day.