It’s Friday again, so here’s five random thoughts from my life.

  1. Took Josh to school and Riley to the park. Travisand Will met us there. Then Thomas showed up, and then Justin. I’m pretty sure it was unofficial RPC Dad day at the A-dale park. It’s always cool to see dads hanging out with their kids.
  2. We have to go to the pet store after school to get a new fish. Someone flushed the last one. Don’t tell Josh.
  3. I get to preach in 3 weeks. I’m excited. It’s a two-part series and I’m gonna experiment with fire and sprinklers. Stay tuned.
  4. I’m ahead of schedule on reading 12 books a year. I may end up a few books over. I promise a mini-review of each one soon.
  5. T-ball is over. Last night was the final game, and the kids played better than they had all season. (This was good because Monday they played worse than they did all season.) It’s bittersweet, because I really had fun with those kids. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little nostalgic when we ran the bases for the final time. (That’s code-word for I almost cried at third base.) I’m glad we’re done but I can’t wait until next season.


That’s it for me. Happy Friday!