I felt I could slide a bit on the Sunday Rewind, figuring Travis would have one up by 1:25 Sunday afternoon. However, it appears he felt the same about me. Anyway, sorry about the delay, but blame newlyweds and wild hogs (I’ll tell you later).

Sunday, Timm continued the Uncensored series, doing two things never done at RidgePoint: Changing the sermon mid-week, and talking about politics. The stage was a minefield, but he navigated carefully. He preached Romans 13:1-7. Here are my highlights from the sermon:

  • I’m gonna give you permission to get mad, but wait until the end.
  • Today I’m going to be an equal opportunity offender.
  • How do you support a president you didn’t vote for?
  • Is it possible to support someone too much?
  • Don’t desert America because your candidate didn’t win.
  • Don’t tell me Paul didn’t know about submitting to authority. Nero was in charge when Paul wrote those words.
  • Edison hadn’t shown up yet, so Nero used to light Christians.
  • I don’t know if the president is a Christian. I only know about me.
  • Hope that is man-placed is misplaced.
  • We should put our hope in the One that is perfect.
  • Ultimately, the president isn’t in control. God is.
  • I’m not God……..And you’re not either!
  • When you openly rebel against authority, you openly rebel against God.
  • When you rebel against authority you say 2 things. 1) God’s not in control. 2) God made a mistake.
  • We need to pray for the president and follow him.
  • Politicians promise lots. We need to wait and see.
  • We don’t get to decide if someone is a good president. History decides.
  • Lincoln and Truman were 2 of the most unpopular presidents while in office.
  • The only real change comes from God.
  • We need hearts to change.

I know it was a tough sermon for Timm to preach, but he did a great job.

Speaking of great job, Emily, Rebecca and Denise led worship and blew it out of the water! The harmony on “I Stand Amazed” was unbelievable!

That’s it for me. If current trends hold true, next week’s download will post on Wednesday. Let me know what I missed.