Yesterday was a great day to be at RPC. The service was one of the best we’d ever had. We started our Revolutionary Love series, and Timm really brought Luke 2:4-14AND we got an opportunity to change the world. Here’s a few snippits from yesterday.

  • “I’m kind of a connoisseur of trolley tours.” – This may be my most favorite Timm quote ever.
  • Christmas makes us better people.
  • By the Superbowl I can’t remember what I got for Christmas.
  • We try so hard to buy the best Christmas gift, but we can’t even change their January.
  • It’s in my job description to preach Luke 2 at Christmas.
  • This stuff is too weird to be made up – The king being born in a cattle trough.
  • The shepherds probably wet their robes.
  • Jesus didn’t change the world because of his grand entrance – he came to meet a need.
  • Jesus didn’t just meet spiritual needs – He also met physical needs,
  • I can’t meet your spiritual needs.
  • If Christians would treat others the way we want to be treated, it would change the world.
  • We’re worried about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there are kids who don’t have clean water.
  • When I think about kids without clean water, I think about my son.
  • $65 can provide a family with clean water for 15 years.
  • I’m not asking you to cancel Christmas, just cut back.
  • Some of you are radical and you WILL cancel Christmas.
  • If we’re not willing to drink dirty water, we shouldn’t expect others to.
  • God, change our hearts so we can change the world.

That’s it for me, have a great week.