Wow! Last Sunday of 2008! Sorry about the absence of the rewind last week. Something about Christmas and Santa must have made me forgetful.

The band did an acoustical set, with Mike leading worship. They did a great job, and Emily brought it on Let Me Sing (I’m pretty sure she owns that song.) Timm did a stand-alone sermon on trust, and he preached one verse – Proverbs 17:20. Here are my highlights from the message:

  • Life is relationships – the rest is details.
  • We live with a lot of suspicion.
  • “I’m just cautious.”
  • Every day you are faced with a situation where you don’t know the whole story, and you fill in the blanks yourself.
  • When we fill in the blanks with suspicion, our relationships take a hit.
  • When you choose to conduct your relationships under a cloud of suspicion, you have signed up for failure.
  • When you choose to fill in the blank, you WILL fill them in wrong.
  • A perverse heart sows discord and resentment.
  • There’s something liberating in “I don’t know.”
  • We love conspiracies. You wouldn’t watch CSI if it didn’t have a twist at the end.
  • When we choose doubt, we choose disappointment.
  • When you don’t trust, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.
  • You never know the whole story and you can’t read minds.
  • We cut ourselves a lot of slack and mercy and grace, but we want to go Old Testament on other people.
  • Make it a choice, not a feeling. Choose trust over suspicion.
  • Choose to trust God first. Some of you are tired because you’re trying to be God.
  • You have to forgive. Not because they deserve it or they asked for it, but because God forgave you.
  • Bitterness leads to a lack of trust.
  • When you drag baggage into your current relationship, your asking that person to pay the bill for your past relationships.

That’s it for me. Happy New Year.