The first Sunday of 2009! We kicked off the year at RPC with a new series called Gameplan. The idea is to help each of us get a plan for managing our money, instead of it managing us. Here’s my highlights from Sunday:

  • “I’ll tell you what we’re not going to talk about. We’re not going to talk about giving.”
  • Everybody’s looking for somebody to blame.
  • If you have a financial problem, you have a systems problem.
  • We save for a rainy day because….. it eventually rains!
  • At the center of our problems are our beliefs about money.
  • We have to reform how we think about our resources.
  • Colossians 1:16-17
  • It’s not Mother Nature. It’s Father God.
  • He was here before here was here. (my favorite quote of the day)
  • I may be just as stubborn as you are.
  • If God holds all things together why isn’t he in our finances?
  • No matter where you are financially – there is hope!
  • All truth is God’s truth.
  • God doesn’t want anything from you. He wants something for you.

That’s it for me. Tell me what I missed.