This Sunday at RPC we continued our financial series, Gameplan. Timm did an awesome object lesson with a borrowed cell phone and a bucket of water. Here’s a fer highlights from the sermon:

  • Nothing good happens after 11PM.
  • Where did your money come from and why do you have it?
  • Stewardship isn’t just about the offering.
  • I’m gonna throw around words like macabre today.
  • Just because it’s in your hands doesn’t make it yours.
  • You understand stewardship, you just don’t translate it into your finances.
  • Stewardship is the belief that God owns everything and we are just managers.
  • God wants you to enjoy what you’ve earned.
  • 1 Chronicles 29:1-14.
  • The bible talks more about money than heaven and hell combined.
  • “Bling-bling”
  • Verse 11 is the reason you came to church.
  • We have a small amount and say, “It’s mine!” David had a HUGE amount and said, “It’s God’s.”
  • If you just put a $2.5B check in the bucket, would you thank God?
  • Verse 14 is stewardship in a nutshell.
  • Stewardship is acknowledging that God’s kingdom is bigger than ours.

That’s my take. Tell me what I missed.