Every now and again the kids at church surprise me. This was one of those days.

I was doing a lesson on David being just a boy, but God having big plans for him, when one of the kids asked, “Isn’t that the guy that saw that naked lady?” I confirmed that he was “that guy” and that Bathsheba was “that naked lady.” Then came the most profound question of the year.

“Why would God choose David when He knew he would fail?”

Seriously? That is an excellent question. Every now and then the kids floor me with something profound and impressive.

My answer (completely off the hip): God knew he would fail, but he also knew his heart. When David failed he was truly repentant and sought God’s forgiveness. God historically chose people with faults to be his leaders. People like Moses(anger, insecurity), Paul(persecutor, thorns), Peter(hothead, denied Christ), Solomon(wives). Truth is, I’m glad God chose leaders with faults. It gives me hope. I’m full of faults, but God can use me. Aside from Jesus, not one of God’s leaders was perfect. And neither am I.

That’s good news for all of us imperfect people out there. Just make sure your heart’s taken care of.

Heard any good questions lately?