Someone told me today was Friday. That can’t be, because I haven’t done Sunday Rewind yet. Oh well, it’s been a busy week.

Timm continued week 3 of Gameplan – our series on finances. I got to open up the first service by baptizing Delores. It’s cool to see people taking their next steps. Anyway, here’s a few snippets from the sermon.

  • We need to rethink the way we think about money.
  • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That’s only a slogan, it’s not really true. What happens in Vegas comes home with you.
  • Life doesn’t happen without a plan.
  • A budget isn’t keeping track of what you spend. – It’s deciding ahead of time what to spend it on.
  • Proverbs 29:18. Without vision the people perish.
  • Quote – You should make every major decision in a cemetery.
  • Live with the end in mind.
  • Nobody stumbles into success. (Except Jed Clampett)
  • My plan is to be debt free and have one year’s salary saved.
  • People that live that way don’t worry about the economy.
  • Define success. Come up with a plan. Follow the plan.
  • It’s 80% behavior and 20% math.
  • If you don’t decide how to spend your money, other people will decide for you.

That’s it for me. Enjoy the weekend.