Money is the reason for most arguments in a marriage. I dare say this may be second place: The Toilet Seat.

So here’s the age old question: Up or Down?

Ladies will likely say down, while men don’t care.

The only reason men leave the seat up is because we catch as much crap from pissing on the seat as we do from leaving the seat up. We’d be just as happy leaving the seat down and pissing all over it. In my mind, that’s 1/2 the reason the toilet paper is there. To wipe the seat. (No pun intended)

The way I see it, women want us to lift the seat when we urinate, then lower the seat when we’re finished. Men are expected to do 100% of this two-step process. Why can’t women just look before they plop down?

Anyways, it’s a losing battle, but should make for good conversation.

So what’s the verdict? Up or Down?