Yeah, I know. You have to press rewind for a while to get back to Sunday, but it will be OK. I promise. Timm took the weekend off to spend time with his wife. Something about Valentines Day or something. Anyways, Chris Weatherly filled in for him and he spoke on, appropriately, relationships. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • We were created for intimacy and community, but we have a lot of issues that hinder that.
  • My trust issues began in 6th grade.
  • “But don’t tell anybody” must mean tell everybody.
  • God has always been after your heart. -We should be the same way.
  • There is no long-lasting impact without investment.
  • Christ has been investing in your life since he died on the cross.
  • The only way to be impacted and to impact others is to invest in others and go after their heart.
  • Romans 12:1-2, 9-10
  • Christianity isn’t a free ride. -Christ has called us to much more.
  • I know God has gone after my heart and I should be going after others’ hearts.
  • I can be surrounded by people and be completely lonely inside.
  • Your problem may not be with the other person. It may be with you. You’re not investing.
  • If you only come to church and sit, you’re missing out on what God has designed you for.

I’ve heard Chris speak a number of times, and this was by far his best. Also, props to Travis for mentioning the Daytona 500 in the announcements. See you next Sunday.