Rewind time again. This Sunday at RPC, Timm started a new series called Translate. He’s been really passionate lately, and Sunday was no different. Here’s my take:

  • “I took her to Kennedy Space Center for Valentine’s Day ’cause I’m a romantic guy.
  • What is it that gives Christianity horsepower?
  • Why is there such a disconnect in what we believe and how we act?
  • Everyone is a hypocrite, you may as well go to church with them.
  • Love your neighbor – bomb an abortion clinic.
  • Matthew 7:24-27
  • There’s a lot of big buts in scripture.
  • Jesus was a rockstar.
  • The difference is not the people who don’t come to church. The difference is the people who come and don’t act on what they’ve heard.
  • At the end of the day, my neighbors don’t care if I sang and cried at church. They care if my life has changed.
  • God leads us to the edge and says, “Jump. I didn’t send my son to die on a cross so you could be comfortable.”
  • It’s not about how you translate scripture. It’s how scripture translates into your life.
  • My God is the god of your extreme circumstances.
  •  Just because your life is tough doesn’t mean you get to play by new rules.
  • You’re trying to listen to the pastor and God wants you to listen to Him.
  • What would it look like if the Church wasn’t full of hypocrites?
  • “Well done.” It means we did something.
  • Do you trust God? Why wouldn’t you do what He says?
  • Outsiders learn about Christianity best by listening to Insiders speak intelligently.
  • I know you think the bald guy is crazy.

Powerful message. Passionate delivery.

Tell me what I missed.