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I usually don’t remember my dreams. The ones I do remember are weird. Very weird.

The other morning I had a particularly strange dream. Joshua and I showed up at what appeared to be an Applebee’s. Travis was there, and he was in a rather pissy mood. (Why, I don’t know.)

Here’s where it gets weird. Josh and I went into Applebee’s so he could go to the bathroom. When we walked in, we saw all these kids there for what appeared to be a birthday party. They were dressed all in black and some had black face-paint. One was even wearing a graduation cap. It was a rather disturbing scene. We made our way through the maze of kids, and I asked someone what was going on. They said is was a party for kids in the KKK. (I know, why all black?) Anyway, we went to the bathroom and went back outside to play flag football.

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve had lately?