This week at RPC, Timm wrapped up our Translate series. It’s been a passionate and interesting series. One that makes you go Hmmmmm. BTW, Timm actually said “Hooptie” in the second service. Here’s my take:

  • The Church has an official bird – the peacock.
  • They’re proud of their spirituality.
  • How is it possible to know more and more about God and be less and less like Him?
  • If knowledge about God isn’t enough, how do I close the gap?
  • 1 Corinthians 8:1
  • Knowing right from wrong doesn’t give you a free pass to do it your way – AND it doesn’t mean you’re going to do anything about it.
  • Knowledge without love is a dangerous thing.
  • Knowledge doesn’t make us “deeper”, it often makes us meaner.
  • You can’t see pride in the mirror.
  • If you’re a member of PETA, you may be in the wrong place. I enjoy steak.
  • Peacocks really don’t serve a purpose except to make a lot of noise. – Everyone just had someone come to mind.
  • Some of you think I’m screwing up because I said “screwing up.”
  • People want us to go deeper, but we still struggle with loving our neighbor as ourselves.
  • We try to practice acceptance without approval.

And that, my friends, wraps up Translate. Next week: Text the Pastor. This should be interesting.

See you on Sunday.