My wife, Ginny, posed a strange yet interesting question the other night. When the Rapture takes place (Jesus comes back), what happens to people whose ashes are scattered in different places? This came up because her dad’s ashes are in an undisclosed lake in Florida, somewhere in Michigan, in our china cabinet, on the Great Barrier Reef, and who knows where else.

My quick answer, “I don’t know, go back to sleep.” But really, I don’t know. And I hadn’t thought much about it until then.

Now I have to think about souls and purgatory and Sheol and other stuff that hurts my head.

Then I think about people who get eaten by different sharks, and then the sharks swim off in different directions, and they get eaten by different animals that eat sharks, and the cycle never ends.

Then I punt and figure God’s way smarter than me and He’s probably already got this figured out.

Somebody tell me your thoughts on this whole process.