I used to get aggravated that my wife would watch King of Queens, but not the news. As of late, I’m thinking she’s on to something.

Pig Flu is all over the news. Everywhere. They’re calling it a pandemic. I can’t wait to see Geraldo’s take on it.

Here’s my take. 150 people have died. In Mexico.

I’ve been to Mexico. Their sewer system is a ditch. Their health care system is a vet in a pickup. More people die at soccer matches than from Pig Flu.

But this isn’t about Mexico. Consider this my formal apology for the previous sentences. This is about the news media.

Why does the news always have to be so sensational? Why does it always have to be over-the-top? Why does the sky always have to be falling?

13,000 people have died this year from the REAL FLU, but 150 dead people in Mexico with Pig Flu is a pandemic?


<end rant>