I remember the days when my reader would be full of new posts, just begging to be read. Now out of 39 blogs, I get about 15 new posts a day. And 2 of them are daily bible verses.

It reminds me of when I was away at college (read: prison) and I would apply for credit cards just to get rejection letters in my mailbox so as not to look like a loser checking an empty mailbox 3 times a day. (That was a long sentence.)

But really, where has everyone gone? Are they on Twitter? Did they go grassroots? Are they reviving the Postal Service and sending postcards? Are smoke signals making a comeback? (I don’t even know what “going grassroots” means, but I’m grasping at straws here.) (I really don’t even know what “grasping at straws” means, so there.)

Can someone please tell me where the bloggers have gone?