Wooo Hooo! Friday’s here. Now if 5:00 would just show up.

Here’s five to tide you over till then:

  • Grady Judd is the man. He HATES people who hurt kids. I can get on board with that. He was visibly pissed off in this video.
  • Riley got into her first non-sibling fistfight. With a boy. He was 5. At McDonald’s. And she won. Is it wrong that I have a strange sense of pride right now?
  • My kids’ favorite song right now is Bust A Move. They want me to sing it for them all the time. Especially at dinner. Ginny is overjoyed.
  • Yoga is hard. Especially when you’re not flexible.
  • Wipeout is back on TV. It’s Josh’s favorite show. Mine, too.

That’s it. Happy Friday.