Good Morning! I’ve had a few random things on my mind that I needed to share with everyone.

  • Banana pancakes (Inspired by Jack Johnson) taste better fresh on Sunday morning than stale on Monday. (But they make better Frisbees on Monday.)
  • Why are slip-n-slides shorter than they used to be? Smaller residential lots? Change in the coefficient of friction of skin to wet plastic? More sandspurs and acorns?
  • People who have their cars painted like Dale Earnhardt’s #3 Chevy Monte Carlo sponsored by Goodwrench Plus should be neutered drive faster than 40 MPH. (They do know he’s dead, right?)
  • Why do they make shoes for newborns? And why do said shoes have tread on the soles?

Whew! I feel better now.

Note: All questions are rhetorical, but feel free to respond.