Week 2 of The Parent Trap at RidgePoint Church. Timm spoke to us this morning about our approach to parenting. Here are some of the high points:

  • It should be our job as parents not to make parenting business as usual.
  • When you say “I do.” is not the time to start learning about marriage, and the same is true about kids. Don’t start learning on the way home from the hospital.
  • Remember as a kid asking, “Are we there yet?” You probably got smacked – back before smacking was wrong.
  • I always asked, “Where are we?” Like I would know what that meant.
  • When you’re asked that question, there are one of 3 responses:
  • 1- I know where we are and we’re moving.
  • 2- I know where we are, but we’re not moving.
  • 3- I don’t know, but we’re making great time!
  • Where are you headed with your kids?
  • 1 Samuel 1:19-22
  • Our goals for our kids change over the years. From 11-17 it’s just don’t kill them. After 18 it’s to get them out of the house.
  • God always comes through on His promises.
  • A man with 2 wives is NOT a good idea.
  • Hannah couldn’t have kids, and Peninnah was poppin’ them out.
  • “Elkanah lay with Hannah.” That means EXACTLY what you think it means.
  • After he was weaned, they took Samuel to live at the church. – God is NOT calling you to leave your kids here at the church!
  • Where do you want your kids to be in 20 years? What are you doing NOW to get there?
  • We are not raising children, we are raising adults!
  • There will come a day when your kids will have to live without you. You can’t always protect them.
  • After 18, my kids are paying rent. You don’t live for free as adults except in jail. (My favorite quote of the day.)
  • We want to keep them cute and young, but they don’t stay cute or young.
  • Isn’t our job to leave this world better than we found it?
  • Live for tomorrow today. Proverbs 21:5
  • There is no switch that flips at 21 that makes them adults.
  • Responsible kids happen 1 decision at a time.
  • Don’t forget to be there parent. Stop trying to be their friends.
  • No matter what, we serve a God of second chances. Don’t give up.
  • Do you want your kids to like you, or do you want them to be responsible adults?
  • In the time you have left to influence them, what are you influencing them toward?

Whew! That was a lot.

What did I miss? I’m curious to get the feedback of the non-parents out there.

See you next Sunday.