This week at RidgePoint we continued message 3 in our Parent Trap series. Here are a few highlights I came away with:

  • There is no such thing as an ordinary child.
  • When I saw him (my son) for the first time, I didn’t need a wristband to tell me he was mine.
  • Psalm 139:13-16
  • Your kids are the way they are because God made them that way.
  • My story has already been written. Your story. Your kids’ story.
  • My dreams pale in comparison to God’s plans for me.
  • If God ordained your days, don’t you think He has a plan?
  • This is why abortion is wrong.
  • Christianity has become a political punchline.
  • Abortion isn’t political, it’s moral.
  • Your child was chosen for you and uniquely given to you.
  • Quit worrying about what other parents are doing. Their kids aren’t your kids.
  • You should never take advice from someone unless you want your life to turn out like theirs.
  • What works for one child doesn’t always work for another. They have different temperaments and love languages.
  • Doesn’t your child deserve for you to read some books and do some homework to better relate to them?
  • The Spirit Controlled Temperament
  • The Five Love Languages for Children
  • Are your kids worth $25 and a few nights of your time?
  • It’s not your job to break them! It’s your job to teach them the rules.
  • How much do you love your kids? How big are your dreams for them?
  • God loves them more, and His dreams are bigger.

Next week we’ll wrap up the series with a different kind of sermon from Timm. Word on the street is we’ll have a special guest worship leader, as well. We also got a letterfrom an AHS teacher thanking us for our support throughout the school year. W-I-N. AND – we’re having Play Day at the Auburndale Park this Saturday from 9-11. Come over and hang out with us.