I had a unique thought the other morning. It was spurred by a post Craig Groeschel wrote about cultural relevance. It’s a good post, and at the end he asked a series of questions. The last one was:

Tell us about the last person you personally led to Christ.

Now, I understand the reasoning for this question, but it lead me to a different question:

Do WE really lead anyone to Christ?

I mean, we may have a part in it, and we may have been at the end-result of a decision-making process, but there were probably 100 other personal and impersonal interactions that helped lead that person to make a decision that day. BUT, did you really do anything besides reflect the love of Christ? Were you anything but scaffolding for God to build a foundation in someone’s life? Was it YOU standing at their heart’s door and knocking?

I say this not to discourage you or take anything away from your efforts of sharing Christ with others. On the contrary, it should encourage you to know it’s not your responsibility to save anyone, but you do have the opportunity (intentional or unintentional) to reflect Christ through your life.

It’s not a one-human show, but the entire body of believers pointing toward Christ.

I can imagine someone showing up in Heaven and telling Peter, “Hey, Michael told me to check you guys out.”

What are your thoughts?