This week at RPC, Timmwrapped up our Parent Trap series with more of a Fathers Day talk than a sermon. (I’m sure the religious cyber-cynics will have plenty to say about that, but that’s OK.) Five people were baptized, two were a father/daughter team and 80% of them were under 16. (Sounds like an algebra word problem.) We also had a special visit from Justin, who led worship for us. Let’s rewind:

  • Many times we raise kids who love God but can’t navigate culture.
  • The culture is out there.
  • Your beliefs will mold how you parent.
  • Having kids is like supporting a small 3rd world country.
  • God wants you to enjoy your kids. Do you enjoy them for who they are?
  • If we’re going to turn this nation around, it starts with dads.
  • Kids are a stewardship. I’m in charge of them for a brief period, but they don’t belong to me. They belong to God.
  • It’s temporary, and I’m accountable.
  • I want my kids to relate to others and relate to God. The rest is details.
  • Kids need a united front from their parents.
  • You may think your kid’s other parent is a blooming idiot, and you may be right, but do you think they love them?
  • My son will learn about being a husband and a dad from me.
  • The best gift I can give him is to love his mom. He’s not the most important thing, she is.
  • If you lose your marriage for the sake of the kids, you didn’t do them any favors.
  • We didn’t join our child’s life, he joined ours.
  • The priorities – 1) God. 2) Spouse. 3) Kids.
  • I don’t know if I’m man enough to have a girl.
  • The single greatest calling on a man’s life is to be a great husband.
  • Your kids value what you value. They learn by watching you.
  • He will learn how to treat a woman by how I treat my wife.
  • No matter how screwed up your marriage is, your kids will see it as normal.

Next week, we start One Prayer. We’ll hear from some of the most gifted speakers in the nation during this coming series. Don’t miss it.