I was talking to my little girl, Riley, yesterday. She had a scratch on her lip and I wanted to know how it happened. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Baby-girl, what happened to your lip.

Riley: Oh, a bird bit me.

Me: A bird bit you?!

Riley: Yes, an osprey.

Wow! So later that day, we were all in the car and I was telling my wife about the osprey. I decided to ask Riley again what happened.

Me: Baby-girl, tell Mommy what happened to your lip.

Riley: Oh, a possum scratched me.

Me: A possum scratched you?! I thought it was an osprey.

Riley: No, a possum. At the Library.

I think it’s safe to say Riley is one of those creative types. I can’t wait for the invisible friends to move in.