I found this article online and thought you would find it interesting. It may curb those chocolate cravings for a while.

Man Falls Into Vat of Chocolate, Dies

CAMDEN, N.J. (July 8) – Authorities say a man died after falling into a vat of melted chocolate in a New Jersey processing plant.
The Camden County prosecutor’s office identified the victim as 29-year-old Vincent Smith II of Camden. He was a temporary worker at the Cocoa Services Inc. plant.
The accident happened Wednesday morning as Smith was loading chocolate into a vat where it’s melted and mixed before being shipped elsewhere to be made into candy.
Prosecutor’s spokesman Jason Laughlin says a co-worker tried to shut off the machine and two others tried to pull Smith out of the 8-foot-deep vat. He was hit and fatally injured by the agitator that mixes the chocolate.
Cocoa Services hires a second company — Lyons and Sons — to do the mixing.
Oompa Loompas worked overtime to decontaminate the vat. (Like you didn’t see that joke coming)
There could be worse ways to go.
What’s the best/worst way to die?
(I can think of an obvious best)