I’ve been attempting to be more positive lately, which probably explains my lack of blogging. Yesterday, however, I had an experience to share with you, my three loyal fans.

There’s an older couple in the neighborhood, and the husband had a stroke a few years ago. He gets around in an electric wheelchair, and his wife takes care of him. I’ve noticed her on the riding mower since the beginning of the summer, but the edging and weed-eating wasn’t being done. Knowing how the husband used to keep his yard before the stroke, I decided to go over and take care of the details that she was unable to. Now every time I cut my grass, I edge and weed-eat their yard.

Until yesterday.

I head over with my edger to discover it appears to have been done. I just thought I did a good job the last time and proceeded to edge. Then I heard someone yelling at me over the edger and the headphones. It was another neighbor. She informed me that she had just done that Tuesday, and that she would continue to do that every Tuesday. I explained what I had been doing, and she told me not to worry about it. It appears she is off during the summer, and she had been in a similar situation herself with a sick child, and this was her way to give back.

Call it karma, paying it forward, reaping what you sow, or whatever you want. I call it a W-I-N. A need is being met, and it’s spread to another person. And now I’m freed up to help someone else.

Kindness is contagious, and I have a few tips for catching and spreading it.

  • Determine what you have to offer. (yard work, cleaning, transportation, etc…)
  • Find someone with a need.
  • Do it and do it well. Better than you would do for yourself. (Go the extra mile.)
  • If offered, don’t take any money for your time, only materials. (gas, paint, etc…)
  • If someone offers to help, give it away and move on.

Kindness is contagious. Start spreading it!