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In all my years of hearing the Christmas story, every message I heard focussed on Mary’s faithfulness. This year, I noticed something different.

Mary didn’t have a choice. <gasp>

Mary was told what was going to happen. She wasn’t asked. She did agree with the plan, but it really wasn’t up to her.

Joseph was the one with the choice.

He had already made up his mind to divorce Mary (It wasn’t his kid she was carrying), but he chose to obey God and stand by her.

He changed his mind. He went against his gut. He went against tradition. He chose to stay. He chose to obey.

I wonder what would happen if more fathers would choose to stay and obey?

Merry Christmas


I’ve always wished funeral homes had a sign saying who’s funeral was going on.

And maybe whose was coming up soon.

Then I wouldn’t have to buy a newspaper.

Is that morbid?

Ah! Those questions we’ve been asking forever, with no definitive answer. Finally, the answer.

  • Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? – When in doubt, wash them again.
  • Does this make me look fat/slutty/ugly? – Fake a stroke.
  • Who peed on the seat? – Take one for the team and own up. You can take a beating better than the kid. Or, fake a stroke.
  • Do you want to go see <insert anyone’s name>’s new baby? – Fake a stroke. If you’ve seen one baby, you’ve seen 20.
  • Who ate my <insert name of food> for <insert name of function>? – Fake a stroke. Or, blame the kids. They get a better pass at this one. Besides, they owe you for the toilet seat deal.

Pretty much, faking a stroke works in most situations.

What other questions do you need responses for?

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