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This interaction occurred from stage last night at Power Surge. (Our version of VBS)

Me: What’s in the bag?

Worker: Ding-dongs.

Kids: <hilarious laughter>

The association will be voting on our removal tomorrow night.


This quote came from Erwin McManus from Catalyst West last week. (I got it from Tony Morgan’s blog.)

“There has never been one ordinary child born on this planet. Why is it that so many of us end up leading ordinary lives?”

Wow. Now that’s a quote!

“Being a Christian doesn’t mean life won’t be scary. It means we don’t have to be afraid.”

I heard Jaime say this last week in youth and it still blows me away.

This one’s clean. I promise.

Last night, after I read Josh a story and we said his prayers, he said something interesting to me. He said:

“Daddy, if you died I would be sad.”

I assured him I didn’t plan on going anywhere for a while, but that God will take care of us regardless of what happens.

But it was nice to know I would be missed!